Strict Nature Reserve

Gashi River

Located in Kukes region and Tropoje district. Current area is 3,000.00 ha. It includes a cross-border area with the highest biodiversity values including high diversity of habitats, and flora and fauna species. There intertwine beech, pine, fir, spruce forests, alpine meadows, mountain streams, glacial lakes, etc. It’s an area reached with endemic and sub endemic species. There can meet protected animals species such as bear (Ursus arctos), wolf (Canis lupus), Lynx (Felis lynx), chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra), roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), wild boar (Sus scrofa), while can be noted the presence of birds Wild turkey (Tatrao urogallus) and eagle (Aquila chrysaetos). In the fresh and clean waters of Gashi river meets the globally threatened specie (Lutra Lutra). The area has scientific didactics, landscape values etc,. It’s anticipated to be included in the area of the National Park "Albanian Alps".

Digital geographic borders:

  1. North: State border, quota 2044.1 m (4418177.73L / 4708794.25V) quota 1918.0 m, Karafili peak (2075.8 m), Koshutica col, quota 2153.9 m, Bellaza col (1972.0 m), quota 2273.0 m, Shpati peak (2199.5 m) - (4422630.57L / 4714321.23V);

b)            East: Shpati peak (2199.5 m) - (4422630.57L / 4714321.23V), quota 2354.0 m, Bogiçi peak  (2405.0 m, Ali Cela col (2283.7 m), quota 2426.0 m, Doberdolli col, quotes 2333.0 m, 2425.0 m, 2415.0 m, Koritat peak, Koritat col, (2384.3 m), Tingellima peak (2336.1 m), Preshi peak  (2167.0 m) - (4427346.47L / 4704791.17V);

c)            South: Preshi peak (2167.0 m) - (4427346.47L / 4704791.17V) quota 2061.0 m, Kurbolia col, Kona peak (2135.0 m), quotes 2205.0 m 1873.0 m 2182.0 m, Radesha peak (2312.9 m), quotes 1815.0 m 1641.0 m, the interruption with Gashi river (in Begaj) (4425715.73L / 4695842.74V);

d)            West Interruption with Gashi River (in Begaj) (4425715.73L / 4695842.74V) Qypi Groci peak (1343.6 m), quotas 1554.0 m, Bajraku peak (1762.2.m), Peja col, Petishit col, 1751.0 m quota, quota 1941.0 m, Pllana peak (2038.0 m), Polica col, quota 2016.0 m, Rupa peak (2266.7 m), Kunji Armeve col, quota 2030.0 m, Vali peak (2118.4 m), quota 2041.1 m (4418177.73L / 4708794.25V).



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