Strict Nature Reserve

Gashi River

Located in Kukes region and Tropoje district. Current area is 3,000.00 ha. It includes a cross-border area with the highest biodiversity values including high diversity of habitats, and flora and fauna species. There intertwine beech, pine, fir, spruce forests, alpine meadows, mountain streams, glacial lakes, etc. It’s an area reached with endemic and sub endemic species. There can meet protected animals species such as bear (Ursus arctos), wolf (Canis lupus),…


Kardhiqi   Kardhiqi It’s located in Gjirokastra district. The existing surface is 1,800.00 ha. It represents a craggy slope with steeps cliffs, scarps and deep canyons. The combination of rocky landscape, forest and pasture gives to this region a unique panorama. There meet all phyto - climatic areas. It’s a region with a high diversity of habitats and species. The existence of pristine or almost pristine forest significantly increase its…



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