Protected Landscapes

River Buna-Velipojë Protected Landscape

Lumi Buna-Velipojë

Situated in Shkodra district. Current size by is 23,027.00 hectares. Transbordery river and marshes Domi is an important area for birds migration through the river carried some species of fish, like sturgeon (Acipenser sturio). In the area we can also find water nuts (Trapa natans). Among mammals globally threatened distinguish type of otter (Lutra Lutra). PA border and one of IBA-t (Important Bird Area) more important to the country. Typical Mediterranean vegetation zone, and the zone type area almost disappearing root (Quercus robur). we can find some of the most important animal species in the Europe as Phalacrocorax pygmeus, Lutra Lutra and jackal (Canis aureus). A lagoon with values, in particular for aquatic avifauna, especially for wintering migratory species, some of which are protected by the Bonn convention.

Digital Geographic Borders:

a) North: Buna River Estuary (4362252.56L / 4638096.04V), along the Bojana river flow to the point of joining the Drina River passes near Kosmaç, Kuci, embankment, hills Vukatanës (48.0 m), of the embankment near Drini bridge to tip Castle Xhedatit (217.0 m) - (4385264.41L / 4654249.70V);

b) East: Castle Peak Xhedatit (217.0 m) - (4385264.41L / 4654249.70V) continues alongside the roadway Bushat-Barbullush in the drainage channel (Pekesenës), near the village Rranxë, along the New Village, side hill along the embankment, with the line of hills in the area of ​​quotas Torrovicës to 107.0 m (4381470.11L / 4636550.15V);

c) South: Quote 107.0 m (4381470.11L / 4636550.15V), quotes 339.0 m, 386.0 m, 384.0 m, 332.0 m to the point with coordinates (4379344.18L / 4633806.87V);

d) West: Point coordinates (4379344.18L / 4633806.87V) long coastline of the Adriatic Sea to the mouth of the river Buna (4362252.56L / 4638096.04V).



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