National Park

Dajti Mountain National Park

Dajti Mountain National Park 

It’s located in the district of Tirana, with an existing surface 29,384,18 ha. The area represents landscape, cultural, historical and traditional values. In this park are very well expressed phyto-geographic areas:  Mediterranean macchia, oak (Quercetum), beech (Fagetum) and alpine and subalpine pastures. There are found d rare and protected trees of chestnut and walnut. Among the mammals we highlight the presence of the wolf (Canis lupus), bear (Ursus arctos), wild boar (Sus scrofa), marten (Martes foina) and wild cat (Felis sylvestris). To its scientific and didactic values are also added landscape, recreational, historical and cultural values, which provide the tourism development. The park includes various geological formations and Bovilla lake.

Digital geographic borders:

a)            North: The border between Kruja and Tirana, Fraveshit peak (794 m) -(4403610.75L / 4595619.92V), followed by quotes 1090.0 m 1227.0 m (Zithi peak) 1627.0 m to Henzi peak (1807.0 m) - (4411214.23L / 4598279.97V);

b)            East: Henzi peak (1807.0 m) - (4411214.23L / 4598279.97V) follow Xibër-Mali me Gropa ridge, quotes 1473.0 m (Rjepa peak) 1388.0 m, 129.05 m, 161.03 m (Popati peak) 1455.0 m (Sterveci peak) 1594.0 m, m 1700.0, 1827.0 m (Shemberi peak) 1712.0 m 1498.0 m to Bize –Tirana automobile road, near Bucimas village and river flow Erzen, quota 542.0 m (4421481.54L / 4576965.76V);

c)            South: Quote 542.0 m (4421481.54L / 4576965.76V), follows the course of Erzeni river, passing through Skorana reservoir, Skorana outfall to quotas 444.0 m (4412192.02L / 4569269.69V);

d)            West: Skorana outfall to quotas 444.0 m (4412192.02L / 4569269.69V) following quotes 890.0 m (Kurora peak), near Përcëllesh village in Grand Priska, continues with Surrel – Priske road, follows Surrel – Tirane road near Dajti municipality in quotes 573.0m (Qyteza peak), 445.0 m (Shpata peak) near Brar and Small Priska village, interrupts Terkuza river quotes 1268.0 m (Gamiti peak) to (Fraveshi peak) (794.0 m) (4403610.75L / 4595619.92V).



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