National Park

Divjaka-Karavasta National Park

Divjaka-Karavasta National Park 

It’s located at the same time in Fier. The actual surface is 22,230.00 ha. It’s definitely the most important area along the coastline of the country and one of the most important in the Mediterranean. You can meet there a variety of habitats such as: delta rivers, lagoons, sand dunes, psamofite, halophytes, and hygrofite vegetation, soft and wild pine forest, the presence of coarse-grained juniper (Juniperus monocarpa ). You can also meet 3 kinds of salep endemic species that belong to Orchis gender, and endemic specie Aster albanicus. Across the estuaries we meet otter (Lutra Lutra), the globally threatened mammal. Well spread in the area are also the jackal, fox, badger, etc. The Park and the area around have historical, cultural and archaeological values, also a great potential for tourism development.

National Park Borders:

a) North: From the estuary of Shkumbin river (4398754.42L/4571385.23V) to the crosscutting of Shkumbini river with road near the village Sulzotaj (4398754.42L/4571385.23V).

b) East: From the crosscutting road with Shkumbini River, near the village Sulzotaj (4398754.42L/4571385.23V), following the path to the village Shënepremte , than to the quotes 75,5 m, 83,0 m, 91,5 m, 90,4 m, 104,0 m; 107,0 m, 78,0 m, 132,0 m (Fiku peak), 154,0 m (Gropa e Malukatit), 168,0 m, 156,0 m (Maja e Gjatë), 175,0 m (Maja e Çerit, 192,3 m (Guri i Gomares), 136,0 m  passes through the Babunje village to which intersect with the Myzeqe reservoir, following in the left side of the reservoir flows to the bridge near the Ndërnenas pumping station, It continues along the roadway, to which intersect with the Seman river (4386723.94L/4520674.33V).

c) South: From the Seman river (4386723.94L/4520674.33V) until to its estuary, in Adriatic Sea (4363408.97L/4522464.10V).

d) West: Estuary of Seman river (4363408.97L/4522464.10V), follows along the coastline to the estuary of Shkumbin river(4398754.42L/4571385.23V)



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