National Park

Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park

Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park

Located in the district of Elbasan. Current size by is 33,927.70 ha. Cross-border area, with high biodiversity values ​. Presented as a very spacious area with a high biodiversity dominated completely by virgin forests of beech ( Fagus sylvatica ).The high degree of biodiversity of habitator species resource, the proximity of the motorway, unique values ​​as a virgin surface, the existence of rare species of Pinus sylvestris and Betula verrucosa put the area in a superior position as a region with specific defense values. You can also find here trees such as pine, white fir, birch (Betula alba); glacial lakes, alpine, subalpine meadows. Subendemic and endemic plants. This park is also a Core and important biocorridor of large mammals protected by the Conventions, thus gaining value and importance in rajon and Balcan. Limited habitats, but rather increase the value of this territory, such as the Betula verrucosa, leucodermis Pinus, Pinus peuce of Pinus sylvestris, wetlands and vegetation characteristic karst pits Juncus, Carex etc.

Geographic cordinates:
a. North: The meeting points of the roadways Librazhd-Steblevë and Librazhd-Dorezi, with cordinates :4441509.41L/4564276.59V, the bridge of Rapun river, near Zagosht village,  The north border follow the path of Borovë village, at the quote of 887 m, intersects the rodway  Steblevë-Klenjë, quotes 1 328 m, 1 462 m, 1 484 m, 1 654 m, 1 778 m, 1 980 m (Shkëmbi Shqipes) (4460524.30L/4580064.18V); 

b. East: Quota 1 980.0 m (Eagle Rock), with coordinates 4460524.30L / 4580064.18V continues along the border, at 2,071 m quotes, Radavc Peak (2081 m), 2069 m, Kruqit Neck, 2132 m, Cave Bear, 2030 m, Neck Kokël (1883 m), 1922 m, 1948 m (Maja Reti

Crown), 2020 m (Maja Tomb Marikës), 2133 m (peak of the gable), 2189 m, 1709 m, 1611 m, 1594 m, 1404 m Neck Rinas, coordinates 4465215.85L / 4553644.62 V;

c. South: quota 1404 m, with coordinates 4465215.85L / 4553644.62V follows back and pedestrian path, in terms of policy Neck, quote 1366 m (Maja Kyqi Tool) passes the neck of six oaks, follows the path for pedestrians and quotes 1379 m, 1376 m (Maja Skurës) coordinates 449513.84L / 4553516.22V;

d. West: Quote 1 376.3 m (Maja Skurës) coordinates 449513.84L / 4553516.22V), down back, interrupts Bushtrica River continues quotes 1147 m, 1054 m (Maja Trestenik), 1143 m (Maya Tomb Plaka), 1,063 m, follow the pedestrian street to the village Bozgarë-grains, in the quote 783 m, interrupts brook Hotolishtit, climbs back on quotas 767 m, 744 m, 1100 m, 505 m, 916 m, passes Dorëzi-shines along the way, to the point of meeting with a road Librazhd- Steblevë, coordinates 4441509.41L / 4564276.59V.



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