National Park

Bredhi i Hotovës-Dangelli National Park

Bredhi i Hotovës-Dangelli National Park

Located in the districts of Korca and Gjirokastra. Current size by is 34,361.10 hectares. Park with high biodiversity values ​​.It is the area where the magnificent fir forests in their downstream part are mixed with oak that in recent parts intertwine with makien Mediterranean .The park is rich in endemic, sub-endemic , Balkan and Mediterranean plants. In this paark you can meet mammals like the wolf , bear , deer , wild boar etc. Natural landscape, cultural and historic value, offer a great potential for the development of ecological and cultural tourism.

Borders " national park " are as follows :

a) North: Quota 1 291,3m ( Peak Qarrishtes ) coordinates 4439461 and 4469277 V L continues along the ridge and follow the local road, next to the village of Great Sevran, quota 758m, passing by the spring Kafshit fountain, follow the local road and the watershed, quota 1 246,8m ( Maja Square Mukalisë ), followed by road and 1254m quota, follow the road and back down towards the Kreshova stream after stream of sticky cord interrupts, passes on the dam of the reservoir continues towards quotas 1 571m, 1 232k, 1 074m, 835m, 845m, interrupts Brook Miçanit quota 1078m, follow the way local and quotas 1 404m, 1 503m, 1 588m, 1 585m, 1827, 6m, 1663,2m ( peak Glass ), follows the local road and quotas 1492m to the neck of juniper ( 1356m ), with coordinates 4,455,559 4,471,253 V and L


b) East: Quota 1 356m (Neck juniper), coordinates 4455559 V and L 253 4471, follow the local road and quotes 1 396m, 1 345,5m, 1 343m, 1 431m, down back towards quota 1 286m (Peak Golemasit), follows the back page Greme quotas 1003m, 913m, at the meeting point of the stream of Selenicë with Brook Zavalani quotas 1061m, 882m (Peak Prasqopit) quota 778m, passing the point of meeting brook Zavalani with Stream Stone Pelpel quota 881m, following the path local to the point of meeting the stream Source lousy with Brook Viri, then follows along the river Anita quota 575m, with River Gostivisht, quotes 479m, 433m to the meeting point of the river Gostivisht the river Lengaricës continues along the river Lengaricës in the opposite direction of flow, to the point of meeting with brook Gradishta, sticky cord quota 1110m, follow the way local quota 1 106m, following along the back page of wits, with quotes 1 357m, 1 382m, 1 321,5m, 1 336k, 1 441m, 1 477m, 1 553,4m (Maja Postenan), 1 507m, 1 523m, 1481, 9m, Neck Postenan 1 488k, 1 472,7m, 1371m, down throat Pagmentit back to the point of meeting with the Stream River Çarçovës Postenan, coordinates and 4,447,984 4463360V L;

c) South: The point of interruption of river Çarçovës with Stream Postenan, coordinates 4463 360 V and 4,447,984 L, follows the flow of river Çarçovës towards tëlumit Vjosë to bridge Çarçovës, coordinates 4460893 V and 4442781 L;

d) West: Bridge Çarçovës, coordinates 4460893 E and 4442781 L, follows the right side of the roadway Çarçovë-Permet to the junction of the road to the village Benj quota 292m, then climbs back to forest the Pomecit quota 451,1m (peak of Mont Blanc), follows the local road and quotas 471m, 558m, again with local road and backs Ivory Great tip of town and back on Qilarisht Small village, quotes 636m, 771m, 1028m, 1128m (Shadow of poplar), descends back and neck Aydin passes, follows the local road and quotas 928,7m, 928m (Stone said), descends back and follow the path for pedestrians, quotes 404.0m, 451.0m (Maja The Suka), interrupts Brook Muzhdinës, following on the left side of the irrigation canal flow, the quota 276.0m (Maja Stone Kosina), climbs the ridge next to the village Kosinj quota 296.0m, 342.0m, follow the pedestrian street on Kosinë Bridge Stream Hotova quota 231m, interrupts River and Brook Kalenjë Lumnicës, climbs back on the 332m 292m quotes, follow local road to the village Pacomit (Kalenjë), follows the path towards quota 988,7m ( Peak Kokoresit), back to the road and quotas 1 025,6m (Peak Seniçanit), 1 035m, 1 038m, 1 264k, crosses the border of Forest Shade Sharra and quota 1291,3m (Peak Qarrishtës), with coordinates 4439461 4469277 V and L.



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