National Park

Tomorri Mountain National Park

Tomorri Mountain National Park

Situated in the districts of Berat end Elbasan. The current size is 24,723.1 hectares. Park with high biodiversity and rich of endemisms and subendemisms. In this park you can find trees such as:beech, pine and black pine, subalpine and alpine pastures. Mountainous park, important for large mammals such as bear (Ursus arctos ), wolf ( Canis lupus ), birds of prey day and night etc,. In addition to scientific and economic values the natural park landscape provides great value of aesthetic, recreational, touristic, historical, and cultural guarantee development of ecological and cultural tourism.

The boundaries of this National Park are as follows:

a. North: Count 1, the quota 804.0m, with coordinates 44255630.30L / 4514853.20V, following the above basin Dardhës back, quotes 828.0m, 781.0m, 766.0me 645.0m, down back, quotas 320.0m, follows the course of the river to Leshnicës in the east, to the point 2, the quota 262.8m,

coordinates 4433012.69L / 4516042.90V;

b. East: Count 2, the quota 262.8m, with coordinates 4433012.69L / 4516042.90V, following on the left side of river flow Tomorrica toward the South, the quota 377.0m continues again with the left side of the river flow Tomorrica to the point 3, coordinates 4440357.62L / 4496629.90V;

c. South: Count 3, coordinates 4440357.62L / 4496629.90V, follows the river and back towards the West, the quota 11543.0m interrupt auto road and climb up the ridge, passes on quotes 2115.0m (m.Zaloshnjës) of 1855.0m, descends back passes on the eastern side of the page and follow quotas Murgovës 1533.0m, 1331.0m, 1252.0m (near meadows Mollas) 1217.0m (m.Varri of Jacks) of 1138.0m, crosses neck wits, quotes 885.0m ( Tegurit coast), 887.0me 796.0m, near the village Selani, to point 4, the quota 722.0m, with coordinates 4429078.51L / 4492547.29V;

d. West: Count 4, quotas 722.0m, with coordinates 4429078.51L / 4492547.29V, back down and interrupt the stream of Bogova quota 233.0m and settles back, following the line of the protected area of ​​a source water extraction activities Bogova decorative stone tiles, quote 1832.0m continues resorts.Saranda back (near the path of Jaupi), then follows the auto road, following the direction of quota 721.0m (field Çeços) quota 605.0m, disrupt river, climb up the ridge and 543.0me following quotes 656.0m, down the back and stops the auto road and brook Kapinovës quota 280.0m, climb up the ridge and vijion quotes 856.0m, 625.0m 682.4me, interrupt the torrent of Lybeshës quota 293.0m, sticky cord below the village Lybeshë quota 717.0m, interrupt Tomori river continues along the ridge quota 818.0m, interrupt the stream of the den, the quota 325.0m, branch follows the river to the den, toward the North, the quota 648.0m, down the back and follows along the stream of Bejasit quota 476.0m, after the quota 1018.0m, follows the auto road and quotas 1021.0m, 868.0me 780.0m, following the road near the village Perisnakë, passes to the meeting point of the stream of the river Indraxhit center and follows Kanatikut village brook Pear, climb up the ridge, the quota 811.0m, continues along the ridge above the reservoir, the quota 835.0m to point 1, the quota 804.0m, with coordinates 44255630.30L / 4514853.20V.



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