National Park

Thethi National Park


It’s located in Shkodra district with an actual surface 2,630.00 ha. It represents a transbondary park with the high biodiversity values related with habitats, and flora and fauna species. There intertwine beech, pine, fir, spruce forests, alpine meadows, mountain streams, glacial lakes, etc. It’s an area reached with endemic and sub endemic species. There can meet protected animals species such as bear (Ursus arctos), wolf (Canis lupus), Lynx (Felis lynx), chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra), roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), wild boar (Sus scrofa), while can be noted the presence of birds Wild turkey (Tatrao urogallus) and eagle (Aquila chrysaetos). In the fresh and clean waters of Thethi and Shala river meets the globally threatened specie (Lutra Lutra). Besides its major scientific, didactic and landscape values etc., is noted for major potentials of tourism development especially cultural and alpine tourism.

Digital geographic borders

a)            North: Quote 2035.0 m (4396670.31L / 4701978.22V), followed by Arapi peak (2217.2 m), Peja col, quotes 1974.0 m 2045.0 m, Alia peak (2471.0 m), quotas 2247.0 m, Valbona peak (1965.0 m) - (4402229.91L / 4697825.22V);

b) East: Valbona peak (1965.0 m) - (4402229.91L / 4697825.22V), Valbona col, quotes 1909.0 m, 2111.0 m, Boshi peak (2414.5 m), quotas 2220.0 m,  Kuj Zharjellova (1713.0 m), along Shehu i Dedulës stream quota 575 m, (4400193.92L / 4692875.65V);

c) South: 575 m quota (4400193.92L / 4692875.65V), Zorzi peak (1663.0 m), quotes 1463.0 m 1498.0 m, Shtegu peak (1675.0 m) - (4396736.10L / 4695709.71V);

d) West: Shtegu peak (1675.0 m) - (4396736.10L / 4695709.71V), Shtegu Dhenve col, quotes 2104.0 m 2284.0 m, Radohima hollow quota 2454.0 m, Radohima peak (2568.3 m), quotas 2035.0 m (4396670.31L / 4701978.22V).



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