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Prespa National Park

National Park of Prespa

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Located in the region of Korca and Districts of Korce and Devoll. Current size by is 27,750.00 hectares. Park border and very important. The park is an Important area for birds, in particular Is Threatened globally like the type cormorant (Phalacrocorax pygmeus) it is an area Where You can meet other types of Globally Threatened birds nor Lutra Lutra, Rhinolophus sp. and M. capaccinii, Pelecanus crispus and Ponocrotalus. The Slopes of "Golo" Occupied by beech are subalpine and alpine Forests and Pastures, Can you meet there als Some rare plants. That area has very attractive landscapes and Potential for Ecotourism development, natural Where are intertwined with traditional values, cultural and historical values. Within the area are Also Many Areas of archaeological and biospeleologjike values, Especially For bats.

Has the status of the RAMSAR area. In collaboration with KfW, the management plan is being drafted.

Digitized boundaries include:

a) In the North, the state border with Greece, quotes 2187.0 m (4485571.39L / 4530395.61V) 2154.0 m, the top plateau of the well (2288.0 m), 2188.0 m, 2209. 0 m, m 2241.0, 2057.0 m 2270.0 m, 2128.6 m 2131.0 m, 2086. 0 m, m 1886.7, 1506.5 m 1085.0 m 1024.0 m Customs Gorice Vogel, yeast Osoit (1132.0 m), 1238.0 m, 1275. 0 m, m 1295.0, 1225.0, pyramids 20 (4498232.02L / 4528507.80V);

b) In the East: Pyramid 20 (4498232.02L / 4528507.80V), follows the state border lake, quotes 889.5 m, the land border with Greece, quotes 12376.7 nm, 1341.5 m 1427.1 m 1335.3 m 1154.6 m 1129.9 m, yeast Vrioles (1321.6 m), yeast Vervos (1415.9 m), neck Merizit Great (1312.0 m), yeast Golina (1401.4 m), quotes 1317.0 m 13311.4 m, yeast Gagazit (1326.4 m) 861.0 m, 858.0 m 1386.9 m yeast Bosco (1385.0 m), 1547.7 m (4504973.08L / 4503809.05V);

c) In the South: Quote 1547.7 m (4504973.08L / 4503809.05V), follow the pedestrian path, yeast Skerkaj (1238.0 m), neck Pazarishtës 


































073.0 m), maja Kalasë Trajanit (1188.0 m), maja Osojës (1335.9 m), qafa Kolamit (1318.8 m), maja Vrimës Ariut (1409.8 m), qafa Leshës (1318.8 m), kuota 1448.0 m, maja Golinës (1456.7 m), maja Qifarishtës (1494.0 m), 1495.0 m, maja Ivanit të Vogël (1472.4 m), qafa Pusit (1348.7 m), maja Ivanit (1768.1 m), qafa Zvezdës (1084.8 m), maja Zvezdës (1833.0 m) (4487695.33L/4513981.06V);
d) Në Perëndim: Maja Zvezdvs (1833.0 m) (4487695.33L/4513981.06V), kuotat 1901.0 m, maja Shëngjergjit 91921.0 m), 1912.0 m, 2027.0 m, maja Buzës së Koritës (2028.0 m), 1985.0 m, maja Mezit (1869.0 m), 1902.0 m, 1890.0 m, 2057.0 m, ndjek rrugën këmbësore, 2241.0 m, 2209.0 m, 2188.0 m, maja Pllaja e Pusit (2288.0 m), 2154.0 m, 2187.0 m ((4485571.39L/4530395.61V).



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