Managed Area / Natural Park

Patok-Fushe Kuqe-Ishëm Nature Park

Patok-Fushëkuqe-Ishëm Nature Park

Located in the region of Lezha and Kurbin district. Current size by is 5,500.70 ha. Wetlands area rich with vegetation characteristic of wet countries. Mat delta hold a significant number of important water birds and fish. One area where typical vegetation meets halophytes (salt land), and one of the most important wetlands for birds limikole Mediterranean (Charadriformes); It is the only lagoon where he met Numenius type tennuirostris globally threatened, thus constituting an IBA of particular importance for the country. Within this area is still preserved a small spot of the forest root (Quercus robur), wood nearly to extinction in our country.
Serious environmental situation due to interference with and without permission.

Digital Geographic Borders:

a) North: River Estuary Matt (4380988.03L / 4615117.13V ), follows along the river flow Mati up near the stables (4385002.46L / 4616806.71V ) ;

b ) East: point of interruption near the stables (4385002.46L / 4616806.71V ), followed by drainage channel and the line of agricultural land in the Red Polje, near the road, the channel Shilinzës to disruption of the river Droja it Ishmi (4382585.14L / 4605095.16V );

c ) South: Interruption of river Droja it Ishmi (4382585.14L / 4605095.16V ), follows along the river Ishmi flow to the mouth in the Adriatic Sea (4379836.42L / 4605920.82V);

d ) West: Ishëm river mouth in the Adriatic Sea ( 4379836.42L / 4605920.82V ) vijion coastline of the Adriatic Sea to the mouth of the river Mat (4380988.03L / 4615117.13V).



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