Managed Area / Natural Park

Ulza lake Nature Park

  • Ulza Lake (catgory IV, sip.4206ha, VKM nr.16, date 30.04.2013)
    Ulëz has a surface of ​​2.2 km2 and an administrative area of 200 km2 , which represents 6.26 % of the total district of Mat of 728 km2 which has a total of 2,026 habitants, organized in five villages ( Bushkash Stojan, Kokerdhok, Madhesh, Lunder) and an urban center ( qyteza Ulëz ), 67.72 % of these live in rural areas while 32.28 % in the city. Ulëz is situated in the geographical coordinates ; 41 ° 39'0 " north and 19 ° 51'0 " east, in the Grade , Minutes , Seconds.

  • The boundaries of the Regional Natural Park are as following:

  • a) North: From Skopet hydropower through hills accros dhe boundary of Mirdita district.
    b) East: along the hills of the Lake and the border with the municipality Baz.
    c) South: along the lakeshore on Bushkash village and the southern shore of the Shkopeti lake along the contours up to 350 m above sea level.
    d) West : from the dam hydropower of Shkopeti , along the shore of Lake Shkopeti , along contours up to 350m above sea level .



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