DESIGN CODE of THETH Traditional Architecture in the Albanian Alps

Albania’s natural heritage of medicinal and aromatic plants

Natyra shqiptare në trashëgiminë e bimëve mjekësore-aromatikeëgimine_e_bimeve_mjekesore–aromatike.pdf

Katalogimi i resurseve gjetetike shtazore në zonat e projektit CABRA


Udhërrëfyesi i Valbonës

The Guide of Valbona

The Guide Of Theth

The Guide of the Municipal Nature Park Of Shkrel

The Guide of the Municipal Nature Park Of Nikaj-Mërtur

The Guide Of Kelmend

Discover the Albania Alps Brochure

Biodiversity and habitats in Albania

Biodiversity Albania is known for a diversity of rich biological landscape. At the origin of this diversity lie geographical location, geological factors, pedologic, hydrological , landscape and climate .The high diversity of ecosystems and habitats ( ecosystems marine , coastal lagoon sites wetlands , the delta of rivers, sand dunes, lakes , rivers , bush pronounced Mediterranean , deciduous , coniferous and mixed meadows and pastures subalpine and alpine ecosystems…


     NATIONAL AGENCY OF PROTECTED AREAS Short and midterm strategic program 2015-2020 Introduction The Government of Albania has established a representative system of Protected Areas (PAs), which covers almost 16% of the Albanian territory. The system of protected areas consists primarily in 15 national parks, several managed natural reserves and protected landscapes that shelter the greatest natural and biodiversity values of the country. This large network is recently being…

PA and Tourism

National Natural Parks can return to an efficient way to bring good incomes through sustainable economic developement element for the Balkan countries. Assessment of the current situation, opportunities and benefits assessment  in the context of tourism of PA, is the first analyse, performed by NAPA during 2015. Albania has received commitments for protected areas. However, the situation has its problems, because we are still more abnormal management of protected areas. In…



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