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Velipoja beach is the northernmost beach of the country situated 22 km away from city of Shkoder. There are about 250 sunny days and temperatures above 20 degrees C normally begin by mid-May. The beach, with 4 km of high quality sand, is suitable for family vacations and is generally populated by northern Albanian tourists. Shengjin beach is another sandy beach near the district of Lezha, situated 8 km away from the historic town of Lezha. Shengjin beach is well known for it's high quality sand and has 200-300 sunny days per year. In the north of Shengjin, ahead of Renci hills, lays the wonderful beach called Rana e Hedhun (Powdered Sand), which is well protected from the winds of that area. Lalzi Bay is another attractive area of the Adriatic coastline situated between Rodon Cape and Bishti i Niles. Rodon Cape is a wonderful, natural masterpiece of 7.5 km and is a highlight for those who enjoy diving. The beaches of Lalezi Bay are sandy ones, some of them surrounded by strips of pine trees. The Republic of Albania has a considerable coastline that stretches for 450 km (including lagoons) and extends along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. The Albanian Riviera is blessed with 300 days of sun. The average temperature in January is 10 degrees C. and the average temperature in July is 25 degrees C. From the saddle of Llogara, which is 1,057 meters above sea level, the exquisitely beautiful littoral zone can be seen as if from the
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vantage point of an airplane. Durresi beach, situated only 39 km away from Tirana is the biggest and the most populated beach of the country. It has a length of 6 km with a considerably wide strip of sand. The sea depth increases very gradually, which makes this beach very safe for families and kids. In Durres, there are three major beaches: in the northern part of Durres, the beach of Currila has a deeper depth and is quite protected by the warm wind coming from the land. This beach has characteristics of a

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