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Air Transport Dear visitor, the first step to care about once you have decided to spend your holidays in Albania is the trip. If you have chosen to travel by airplane in the following we will deal with the troubles and the most common issues one may face and what are the procedures and conditions of an eventual compensation. Air carrier passenger rights The granted air passengers’ rights in Albania are principally provided not only by the Albanian Republic Air Code are also adapted by Regulation no. 1 date 26.02.2013 on‘compensation, passenger assistance in the event of denied boarding and cancellation or delay of the flight’ of the Minister of Transports (whichtransposes Regulation (EC) 261/2004 by European Council and Parliament. The objective of the Regulationno. 1 date 26.02.2013 for‘compensation, passenger assistance in cases of denied boarding and cancelation or delay during the flight’ of the Minister of Transports is to define the compensation rules and assistance for passengers in the followingsituations: Denied boarding Cancellation Delay Downgrading of the service category The guideline issues the enforcement right to the Civil Aviation Authority as the national responsible body its full implementation for passengers who depart from an international Albanian airport or from a non EU member state international airport to Albania, in cases applied to Albanian operating air carriers. Note: In the event where passenger departs from an EU member state (regardless‘ of the operating air carrier’s nationality) or in the event where the passenger departs from a country outside EU and travels on an EU licensed airborne operator, its rights are first guaranteed by the EU Regulation (EC) 261/2004. In the event wherethe passenger departs from a third country outside EU to Albania or to EU member state, but provided service by an operating air carrier not licensed in Albania or any EU member state, consequently its rights are recognized neither by the Albanian Regulation nor by the EC Regulation.
Article .1 Guideline Scope
The rights defined in the regulationare implemented to: a) Passengers departing from an airport located in the Albanian territory (or CEAS according to the unilateral agreement); b) passengers departing from an airport located in a third country to anairport located in the Republic of Albania (or CEAE) in cases when the operating air carrier is of Albanian nationality (or CEAE according to the unilateral agreement), not including cases when compensation and assistance is previously offered in the third country. The Albanian Civil Airport Authority, as the national authority that guarantees the provision of passenger rights processes the claimed complaints that benefit basing on the guideline, pointing and orienting passengers the rights and steps to follow when possible for benefitting of their rights and claims, providing the necessary measures towards the operating air carriers that do not implementto the defined and agreed rights.

For more information you can read this brouchure tourist right


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