Dear Madam/Sir, We refer to our procurement ref. BMZ-NCB-W-4, Invitation to Bid (ITB) published at: on December 28, 2021 with deadline for submission of bidding documents on February 10, 2022 hrs 16.30, local time. We are pleased to inform, that your quotation related to the “Renovation and construction works for the administration and visitor’s infrastructure in the OhridPrespa biosphere reserve located in Pogradec (Korce region)”, in frame of Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Prespa Project- Albania (Phase II) was technically responsive to our requirements, and was the best one (lowest price). So the above mentioned contract is awarded to your company. We confirm that the contract duration is of 4 (four) months with starting date on 31.03.2022 and closing date on 31.07.2022, the contract value is Euro 190,531.89 (one hundred ninety thousand, five hundred thirtyone euro/ eighty-nine cents) inclusive of the contingency amount, or Euro 173,210.81 (one hundred seventy-three thousand, two hundred ten euro/ eightyone cents net of contingency). The VAT amount is to be calculated on top of the above-mentioned contract value. Respectfully yours, National Agency of Protected Areas