Managed Area / Natural Park

Kune- Vain-Tale Nature Park

Kune-Vain-Tale Nature Park

Located in the district of Lezha. Current size by 4393.20 ha .Zone of an attractive land and sea landscape. Mountain Renci is a forest area of ​​rare oak (Quercus trojana), but the natural state grow pomegranate (Punica grenades). Area with special aquatic reptiles and birds of prey, where we distinguish eagle (Aquila chrysaetus) Petrit (Falco peregrinus), rare species that are protected by certain conventions. Area represented by typical Mediterranean forest. Despite the changes that have occurred in, the area still retains particular scientific value as an area with a variety of habitat types, as IBA very important for migratory birds and in particular for the colony Čapka (Fam. Ardeidae). In this area meets a typical Mediterranean forest, while the lagoon and surrounding wetlands its Merxhani meet many types of birds, for which it has acquired the status of an IBA. Laguna has special values ​​and fish species (fish). Area rich in vegetation water (water salty and sweet) express good, beds quite expansive reed alternately with mirrors water, very suitable for waterfowl and rrëmbenjësit day (the area with the highest density the latter in our country). Drini River delta is of particular importance for migratory fish.

Digital Geographic Borders:

a) North: The point of termination of the canal to the sea (4383844.25L/4629996.11V), follow up on the embankment near Kënalla, quote 1,6 m (4484996.74L/4630415.60V); ndarëse me tokat bujqësore, argjinaturën, kalon pranë hidrovorit deri te pika e takimit me lumin Drin (4383036.18L/4625364.06V);
c) South: Pika e takimit me lumin Drin (4383036.18L/4625364.06V), vijon përgjatë lumitm Drin deri te grykëderdhja në detin Ardiatik (4381327.00L/4625038.74V);
d) West: Grykëderdhja në detin Ardiatik (4381327.00L/4625038.74V), ndjek vijën bregdetare të detit Adriatik deri në pikën e ndërprerjes me kanalin (4383844.25L/4629996.11V).



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