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Forestry Short Term Expert

Project Title:              PONT RAPA Grant

Project:                      27 August 2018 P_003_PA

Budget code:             Activity 1.4

Task of Expert:          Assessment of costs related to natural resource management and to be financed by PONT in RAPA’s workplan for Prespa National Park 2019

Timeframe:                 Tentatively November 26- December 10, 2018

Input:                          5 working days

Type of contract:      Short term expert

Duty station:             Korca, RAPA’s office and Gorice e Vogel (PNP Office)      

Reports to:                 Director of RAPA



PONT is a transboundary conservation trust fund. As a trust fund, PONT’s approach to conservation differs from the standard “project based” or “short-term” solutions. PONT’s funding is long-term and designed to ensure the sustainable management of the Prespa Ohrid ecoregion. Our model emphasizes long-term commitment, transparency, accountability and collaboration.

The planning grant is the first step in PONT`s support to NAPA for the benefit of RAPA and the Prespa region. It aims to develop a detailed and realistic operational plan for 2019 and a full grant proposal to PONT for its implementation. It will take into consideration the contribution from the second phase of the project “Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Ohrid-Prespa (PRESPA-Albania)”, financed by KfW and implemented by a GFA led consortium.

The National Agency of Protected Areas (NAPA). NAPA has the responsibility of steering the grant as well as its progress reports.

National Agency of Protected Areas, created by the Council of Ministers decision. No. 102, dated 04.02.2015, aimed management, protection, development, expansion and operation of the surfaces of protected areas in our country, which today account for about 16% of the territory of Albania. NAPA manages the network of protected areas and other natural networks as Natura2000 under management plans drawn up. NAPA monitors and inventory of flora and fauna in these areas, as well as a very important aspect is to generate income from services to others.

Under the auspices of NAPA exist 12 Regional Agencies for Protected Areas with a total of 204 staff. They are responsible for protected area management on the ground.

The Regional Agency for Protected Areas (RAPA) in Korca, has 27 staff and for the planning grant  the responsibility of planning and leading the implementation of grant  measures at local level as well as establishing links with local stakeholders.

  1. Overall Objective of the job:

Under the supervision of the Director of RAPA, the expert will provide support for the following activity areas of the RAPA:

  • Elaborate the details for the activities for included in the the annual work plan of RAPA for PNP 2019 concerning natural resource management (Forestry, pastures, etc.), including estimation of the related costs;

In particular, the responsibilities of the Expert comprise, but are not limited to the following tasks:

  1. Specific tasks:


  • Take into account the management plan of PNP and review the annual work plan of RAPA for PNP 2019 prepared  in November 2018 in close consultation with RAPA Director and key RAPA specialists
  • Describe in detail the activities to be included in the annual plan of 2019 related to natural resource management, including estimations of the related costs in close consultation with RAPA Director and key RAPA specialists;
  • ;
  • Make initials cost estimations for each natural resource activity to be financed by PONT and requested by RAPA i.e. costs and staff input breaking it down into detailed cost estimations keeping in mind the budget ceilings provided by PONT and RAPA, following the cost categories defined in the PONT Grant manual (Consultants; Consumables, operating and others cost; staff costs; Travel; Meeting, training, equipment);
  • Contribute to the finalization of the 2019 Operational Plan for Prespa NP with respect to natural resource management following the comments and suggestions from RAPA and PONT.
  1. Coordination:
  • Close coordination of activities with RAPA Korce
  • Close coordination with two more experts (financial expert and civil/construction engineers)
  • Communication of work progress and consultations using all possible means (e-mail, phone, meetings)


  1. Reporting and tentative timing:
  2. 1. A detailed description of activities concerning natural resource management to be included in the 2019 Operational Plan – December 7, 2018;
  3. 2. Draft cost estimations of the activities related to natural resource management in the annual plan 2019 – December 7, 2018
  4. 3. Final detailed descriptions and cost estimations of the activities related to natural resource management in the annual plan 2019 - December 12 , 2018
  1. Expert Profile


  • University diploma (degree in forestry engineering or related field)
  • License to conduct studies, planning and works in the Forestry field
  • Minimum 10 years work experience in the forestry sector in Albania
  • Good knowledge of the National Park of Prespa and its management plan
  • High skills on forestry management planning and natural resource management proven in practical experience in forest management planning
  • Previous work experience in a similar position and/or previous experience in projects related to protected areas is an asset
  • Previous work experience with an international organization is desirable but not a pre-requisite, experience with the German cooperation (GIZ/KfW) is an asset
  • Excellent command of both English and Albanian languages (written and oral), Macedonian language is an asset
  • Strong computer (MS Office, internet) and typing skills
  • Professional demeanour and appearance
  • Highly organized and able to work result oriented



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