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National Coordinator/ Deputy Team Leader

Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Prespa
1 TERMS OF REFERENCE National Coordinator/ Deputy Team Leader Project Title: “Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Prespa” (PRESPA-Albania)

Project: BMZ-N° 2013.66.830

Budget code: 3. National Personell

Task of Expert: National Coordinator/ Deputy Team Leader

Timeframe: July 2018- April 2021

Input: Full time

Type of contract: National employment contract

Duty station: Korca, with duty travels in project region and to Tirana

Reports to: CTA/Team Leader Background: The “Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Prespa” Project is a German Financial Development Cooperation Project funded by KFW Development Bank on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Phase II of this project will last three years, from May 2018 to April 2021. The purpose of this phase of the project is the reduction of the pressure on natural resources as well as the contribution to poverty reduction in the Albanian part of the Prespa Biosphere Reserve. This is to contribute to conserve the biodiversity and to improve the living conditions of the population in Prespa National Park and in the Albanian part of the Biosphere Reserve. The Project Executing Agency (PEA) of the project is the Ministry of Tourism and Environment (MoTE) of Albania. MoTE is therefore in charge of the overall supervision of the project implementation by chairing and convening the Project Advisory Committee. The Project Implementing Agency (PIA) is the National Agency of Protected Areas (NAPA). NAPA has the responsibility of steering the PIU and giving conceptual, logistical and informational support to the project. NAPA is approving the investments of the projects as well as its progress reports. The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) is the Regional Agency for Protected Areas (RAPA) in Korca, with the responsibility of planning and leading the implementation of project measures at local level as well as establishing links with local stakeholders. The Consultant (GFA Consulting Group GmbH and Institute for Nature Conservation Albania) supports RAPA, NAPA and the MoTE to effectively manage this project through technical assistance, as well as managerial, logistical and administrative support. 1. Overall Objective of the job: The National Coordinator/ Deputy Team Leader is responsible for supporting the Team Leader (TL) in the technical and administrative implementation of the project as stipulated in the contract. He will support the TL in her tasks and takes on organisational and logistical issues. During the absence of the Chief Technical Advisor, the National Coordinator/ Deputy Team Leader steps in as representative in order to ensure constant advancement of the project. The expert shall work in close coordination with all members of the PIU. He will take into account the views of national and local stakeholders in order to advise on appropriate approaches for implementing the project. The Expert will work under the guidance of the Project Team Leader and supervision of the Project Director.

In particular, the responsibilities of the National Coordinator/ Deputy Team Leader comprise, but are not limited to the following tasks: The Terms of Reference of the Project “Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Prespa - Albania” form the contractual basis of this assignment, further the following task description is to be fulfilled by the National Coordinator/ Deputy Team Leader.
2. Specific tasks: In particular, the responsibilities of the National Coordinator/Deputy Team Leader comprise, but are not limited to the following tasks: Administrative/managerial tasks: - Back the international team Leader/CTA (TL) in her project management tasks, take on organisational and logistical issues, represent the Team Leader during his absence, liaison and communication with local stakeholders - Assist in the preparation of detailed operational plans and financing schedules of the project with PIU, and the regular reporting of the technical and financial implementation of the project to NAPA/MoTE (also to be submitted to KfW) - Support the TL in progress reporting or other reports requested by NAPA, GFA or KfW - Support the TL development of specification and ToR for procurements under the disposition fund - Support the TL in certifying receipt of goods and services, as well as acceptance acts for procurements under the disposition fund - Support the TL in planning of short-term missions (preparation of ToR, time schedule, logistics, etc.) - Support the work of local and international short term experts including preparation of missions and events during the mission - Contribute to monitoring of the project progress according to indicators and operational plan - Take part in meetings with NAPA and other partner organizations and stakeholders - Support in promotion of the project activities (in coordination with RAPA/NAPA) Technical tasks: - Support in steering and strategy development to the conservation and/or integrated rural development/socio-economic development activities (depending on the qualifications of the candidate) of the project and advise NAPA/MoTE on these key topics in support of participatory PA development - Ensure participatory mechanisms, stakeholder involvement in project implementation - Support the design and conceptualisation of priority measures for conservation and/or integrated rural development/socio-economic development - Support to international and national experts in the field of conservation and/or integrated rural development/socio-economic development measures - Assist and advise with regard to training programmes for the conservation administration and/or the target group(s) - Technical inputs to project outputs (studies, plans, feasibility assessments, specifications) based on the employee´s previous experience in conservation and/or integrated rural development/socio-economic development etc.

General requirements:
- Present the project with dignity internally and to outsiders - Cooperate with the other team members for the interest of the work if needed - Manage the project means with responsibility - Maintain good relationships with national and international partners, with the clients of the project and public authorities - Pursue professional development opportunities within the scope of the project. Qualifications:
- Postgraduate university degree in a discipline of natural resource management or related field relevant to the project; - Proven work experience in fields such as protected area management, integrated rural development, community development, organisational management (planning, procurement, etc.); - Experience as team leader preferably in long-term positions; - Work experience in the sector in Albania with at least 8 years of practical professional experience; professional experience in the conservation sector in other countries of the West Balkan or countries with similar socio-economic conditions would be an asset; - Work experience with donor-funded projects; - Excellent oral and written communication skills in Albanian and in addition English; - Strong networking experiences in the rural area of Albania, e.g. to the target group, local governments, local decision makers, NGOs.




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